Oman is the third largest nation on the Arabian Peninsula. It is situated on the eastern edge of Arabia. Oman is easily accessible, being only a seven hour flight from continental Europe and Asia, two hours from India and less than an hour’s flight from Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Oman showcases spectacular mountain ranges, white sandy beaches, hidden wadis with cool turquoise water, golden desert landscape, old souks, forts, castles and thriving traditional villages. Oman offers a true diversity of beautiful scenery and places to visit.


The ideal time to visit Oman is between October and May, with temperatures averaging between 25-35 celsius during the day and 17-19 degrees celsius during the evening.

Summer is between June and September featuring warmer and more humid weather conditions.

Mild weather is experienced in the mountains and in the Dhofar region all year round. There is little chance of rain in Muscat.


The roads in Oman are compared to the best anywhere in the world. Motorways link Muscat with all the major cities and towns in Oman. There are excellent roads leading to Dubai which is approximately a four hour drive. An international drivers licence is valid in Oman.

Rental cars are freely available in Oman with all the major car rental companies represented throughout the nation.

Taxis are orange and white. They are not metred so it is recommended to negotiate a fare before commencement of a journey. Taxi fare from Muscat International Airport is fixed and can cost approximately US$20-25 to downtown Muscat.

Coach transport is readily available for hire.